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Mitsubishi Estate Global Partners is the global real estate investment management platform of Mitsubishi Estate Group, a leading comprehensive real estate group headquartered in Japan.

Mitsubishi Estate Global Partners is committed to generating lasting value to society by providing quality investment opportunities to our clients as well as sustainable real estate assets to the community.

We provide our clients with global access to local real estate specialists through our regional real estate investment management platforms.

*Track record of Mitsubishi Estate Global Partners
All data current as of March 31, 2024

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Mitsubishi Estate Group

The Mitsubishi Estate Group is involved in a wide variety of businesses in the field of real estate, including the development, leasing, sale, management and renovation of office buildings and other commercial properties and homes; the sale, purchase and brokerage of real estate; and leisure facility operations. To provide total support for a wide-ranging customer needs related to real estate, the Mitsubishi Estate Group is striving to solidify its Groupwide value chain.

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